The preparedness courses focus on issues that will help you prepare for almost any crisis. It focuses on background issues about hazards from technological, natural, and man-made causes – from terrorism to food shortage, to massive civil unrest and so much more. Be prepared or die – it will eventually be that simple. It’s not about just guns, stored food, and ammunition.

Eventually, you will come to a point where you will be required to use your hands and your brain to pit yourself against the epitome of survival. What will that be? Preparedness is a journey you will begin, for which you will learn and perform hands-on-practice while in class, how to survive in any critical situation. Being prepared is more than being able to shoot a thousand yards or more or building a fire. You need to survive with just a blanket and knife and your wits and in the harshest environments – let us teach you. As was said, it’s more than about stored food and guns and ammo because when the stores close, those supplies will only last a short period. What will you do when your supplies run out?

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